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About Grant


Grant's Travels

My entire life, I've lived in Illinois, USA. Born in Elk Grove Village, my first move was to Winfield at the age of 11. After getting married, Betty and I lived in an apartment in Wheaton for 2 years. We moved back into my parents house to save money for a while, and after just a little over two years there, we bought a house in West Chicago in July of 2001. We stayed in West Chicago, when we bought a new house in 2010.

Aside from moving residence, I've traveled to many different countries, going to world's fairs with my parents. So far on the list (whether I was there only 2 hour or 2 weeks), there's Australia, Canada, China, England, Israel, Japan, Macau, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and Tahiti. For our 10th anniversary, Betty and I had the opportunity to travel to England together - it was a great time together. I've also been to over 40 of the states in the USA, but I'm not even sure which ones, so I'm not going to take the time or space to list them here. Together, we have hit quite a few of the states, taking a couple long road trips in 2008 and 2009.

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