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About Grant


Where Grant's Worked

I've had two different paper routes, worked at Marchelloni's Pizza, McDonald's, Sportmart, and Risany Consulting Group, along with some custom computer programming for my sister Cindy. I used to work on computer games (playing or programming) and other computer programming projects in my free time, but I seem to have less of that nowadays (free time, that is), so I tend to just stick to critical updates to our web page.

My first position, out of college, was as a Software Developer for Decision Support Sciences (name changed from Market Advantage Consulting in January 2004). It was great to work with the other two guys from my team for the 1998 ACM regional programming competition, for a while. After my employment at DSS ended in April of 2004, I worked for a year at my brother-in-law's company, Lighten the Load, Inc., while looking for a more permanent position.

In April of 2005, I started in my current position as 'Business Unit Developer' with First Trust Portfolios, L.P. - basically a Software Developer working to meet the needs of a particular business unit.

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