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Game Name : Layers
Download Size : 86255 Bytes
Release Date : March 1998
Registration Fee : $10 (includes domestic shipping and handling)
Description :
Layers is a DOS-based TetrisTM clone. Created with an advanced timing mechanism, Layers will run well on anything from a slow 386 to a fast Pentium or 686 (works with DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, etc.). Button driven menus and mouse control allow for easy access to play options. The shareware version allows you to play a typical game, starting on levels 0-9 (affects speed of falling pieces), and make as many rows as you can. See below for an in-play screenshot, and a description of what you get when you register.
One Player Layers Screenshot
Why You Should Register :
If you register, you can play against someone else. Race your opponent to get 30 lines, or push them off the top of the screen by getting multiple lines simultaneously. You will also get a new solo play type, where you get as high a score as possible within 30 lines. See below for an in-play screenshot of a two player game.DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
Two Player Layers Screenshot
Send us (me) your comments and comptuer game ideas.

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