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Knock 'em Out

Game Name : Knock 'em Out
Download Size : 118107 Bytes
Release Date : July 1998
Registration Fee : $10 (includes domestic shipping and handling)
Description :
Knock 'em Out was inspired by Button Madness and Tiger's hand held game, Lights OutTM. Created with an advanced timing mechanism, Knock 'em Out will run well on anything from a slow 386 to a fast Pentium or 686 (works with DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, etc.) The object of the game is to “knock out” all the smiling faces. This may sound deceivingly easier than it really is. When you “punch” a face by clicking on it with the fist mouse cursor, that face, along with the ones directly above, below, and to the left and right change from smiling to knocked out or vice versa. The shareware version offers 256 color graphics, and 3 different size boards for different difficulty levels. See below for an in-play screenshot, and a description of what you get when you register.
KNOCK 'EM OUT, SHAREWARE VERSION One Player Layers Screenshot

Why You Should Register :
If the 3 different board sizes aren't enough, you can register to get board sizes ranging from 3x3 to 10x10. Some puzzles take over 50 steps to complete. Or perhaps the game is too difficult for you, and you ned some help. Register and the computer will give you hints, or even solve the puzzle for you (at a high cost of points of course). Speaking of points, register and you can play for your best scores. Scores are based on how many moves you take as compared to the minimum required by the puzzle you're on, along with the time you take, and the number of times you get a hint or restart the board. See below for an in-play screenshot of the registered version. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
KNOCK 'EM OUT, REGISTERED VERSION Two Player Layers Screenshot
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