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Welcome to Big G Productions

In high school, I got a mock nickname - Big G. It was a joke, but one of my friends continued to call me Big G over the final couple years of high school. When I got to college, I got onto a bbs and needed a screen name. That's when Big G stuck for me.

Since at least Sophomore year in high school, I had a dream to program computer games and be my own company. During the summer of 1994, after taking a year of programming where I learned Pascal and BASIC, and after spending my junior year of high school in the data processing section at DAVEA career center (a vocational training school) where I taught myself C language, I put together my first graphics based computer game - Layers.

During the 1996-97 winter, I began work on my second game, only to abandon the project for lack of working time. The next project came that fall when I got a new computer, and Layers didn't work on it - the computer was just too fast! Layers 4.1 came out in March, 1998, totally recreated. Then, finally, during the summer of 1998, I programmed my own 256 color graphics library, and with it, completed my second game, Knock 'em Out. I wanted to put a company name on the newest game and couldn't get away from “Big G Productions.”

Send us (me) your comments and computer game ideas.

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