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I can't even begin to imagine just how many great links I could put in here! Unforunately, it would take me forever to put together the list, so what I've got here will have to do for now. Just click on any of the links below - they will open in a new browser window.

General Cubing Related Sites:
World Cube Association A central hub for everything official from cubing competitions to records and more. Get involved in the discussion in the WCA Forum. For everything about speed cubing! It's a great reference site with all sorts of algorithms for solving the cube, along with tips, pictures and videos, tons of links to other cube sites, and it is the home of the unofficial speedcubing world records.
Stores: The official home for Rubik's cubes, along with all sorts of other puzzles and games. Online games and a store for buying your favorite Rubik's puzzles.
Mefferts The source of several of my twisty puzzles, including a couple megaminxes and I believe my 2x2x2, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5 Eastsheen cubes. They always seem to be introducing something new and interesting to their store.
Cubezz One of several newer cube stores I've more recently become aware of, online. I do not buy many puzzles, but just recently got a couple MoYu WeiLong V2 (3x3x3) cubes together with a ShengShou mini 7x7x7. They were well packaged, and a great addition to my collection. From what I've seen, this site seems to have some of the best prices around, for the puzzles they stock.
Personal Sites:
Jess Bonde's Cube Page He has a great cube timer, links, and a list of videos sorted by solving time of some of the best speed cubists around. Go there and see how it's done.
Mark Jeay's Cube Page Mark Jeay's simple solution to the Rubik's cube. I found it a little hard to follow (so have patience), but it is a very easy solution to learn - not much memorization.
Jessica Fridrich's Cube Page Jessica is one of the “originals” of speed cubing, placing 10th at the first world championships back in June, 1982. Check her page to learn her method - perhaps the most widely used in speed cubing. She also posted a great historical narrative of her experience with the cube.
Lars Petrus' Cube Page Lars, also one of the “originals,” finished 4th at the world championships in '82. He created a different method that is also fairly widely used.
Gaétan Guimond's Cube Page Gaétan uses the third of the most popular methods - corners first. He describes his method in detail, although you'll have to live with a partial solution, unless you can read french (or use the translation tool at AltaVista to read his french version). He has also mastered the skill of blindfold cubing. David Barr has created a cube applet that counts your moves, times your solution, and posts your scores. You can even replay your solutions or the solutions of others.

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