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2003 Rubik's World Championship

What to say? This event was anticipated by all in the cubing community for months, if not years. Quite a few of the "originals", who were active and competing back in the early 1980's were excited about the prospect of another meeting and competition. Even though it was a competition (high pressure, at that), it was also a reunion of many good friends who had already met, either on-line, in person, or both.

The day after the end the competition, many had already left, or were on their way home. Before we even left Toronto, where the competition took place, we saw two newpaper articles. This one was in "The Globe and Mail", which was delivered to our room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel:
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We encountered the second one, "The Toronto Sun", when we stopped in at McDonald's for a bit of breakfast before getting back in our car for the long drive home:
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While we were there, we also took about 50 pictures, and while I'd love to scan them in and add them to the site, I don't see that happening any time soon.

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